Friday, July 9, 2010

Resistence worn thin

Must resist ... urge to ... blog. Held off for years now. Why begin anew?

There's only a few billion blogs in cyberspace. I just end up talking to myself with these symbols known as words.

I have some novels out via small press. Check out

It resembles a blog of sorts. So maybe some explanation going forward would be okay, and they won't come 'round with a straight jacket and reserved padded room. Not with the way healthcare is today, boy. Who can afford a sanitarium stay, as my man Vincent Van Gogh had.

He wasn't off his rocker crazy. Just needed to chill.

Will be self-pubbing my modern-day Vincent Van Gogh tale within a month, if all goes right. Amazon Digital Text for Kindle. Requisitioned cover art from a true artist now.


Imagine Vincent van Gogh in our modern world, struggling to find love and to support himself through his art. Suppose, during the last year and a half of his life, when he severed part of his ear and committed himself to the insane asylum, he stumbles into the very circumstance he has longed for his entire adult life -- a family. Would his life change for the better, or would his self-destructive tendencies still prevail?
My novel, Vincent Van Gogh, Encore, explores these possibilities.

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