Friday, November 7, 2014

Walking Dead Musings, 11/7/2014

As a huge fan of the The Walking Dead on AMC, I actually look forward to Sunday nights. Every creative endeavor doesn't please everyone all the time, but in general you have to appreciate the guts (pun) it takes for the producers and writers to kill off characters that have been popular with viewers over time.

Now, in its fifth season, the push for Washington D.C. and a possible cure to the world's 'zombie virus' is an interesting slant, rather than just existing day-by-day against the biters and bad guys. I do not read the comic books so I don't have insights into possible future plots, but the time is coming 'round for Rick -- the definitive leader who isn't always right but at least takes action -- to find his demise, as much as I enjoy his rejuvenated warrior spirit.

Doesn't have to be this season, but one can envision a bitter-sweet climax where he takes the other 'good guys' in the squad to the point of the cure, and can finally do no more. He perishes, but with the knowledge his kids and the others he cares about can begin a life without the walking dead always looking to feast on them.

Just two cents.

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